Isabella (Bebe) Botha grew up on the West Coast of South Africa on a naval base at Saldanha Bay in the 1950s. She comes from family of teachers and lecturers.

After school she studied diagnostic as well as therapeutic radiography at the Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town. One of the quantum leap moments in her life was when she as a junior student, with her best friend of the time, took some of the first X-rays of the first heart transplant patient in the world. Her career path ultimately followed therapeutic radiography, even though she practised diagnostic radiography for a few years.

Bebe loves studying and continued her lifelong learning when she moved to Kent in the UK in 2005. Her role at the Kent Oncology Centre encouraged further experience in mentoring and coaching of patients and staff members to attain their dreams and further professional success.

Bebe completed a course in tertiary education at the University of Pretoria to better mentor and support students and newly qualified radiographers. Her next step towards an understanding of all the facets of leadership was becoming a master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming. She attended coaching training at executive level in London with the Lazarus Company.

As a lecturer in therapeutic radiography at London South Bank University she continued coaching and mentoring students and colleagues. She often shared the stage with other well known speakers and trainers of mentorship and coaching in several NHS trusts. Her teaching and further learning have exposed her to the latest neuroscience research and its application to brain, heart and gut science connecting bodymind development.

Bebe is now running a business of her own, BestLifeTekniks with DreamBuilder Coaching, and has continued to develop a range of programmes to support and help people, healthcare students and qualified healthcare professionals to live the lives they love. As a continuation of her life-long studies she attained certification as a LifeMastery DreamBuilder Coach.